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Table Narratives

From formal dinnerware to holiday fare to giftable pieces in unique forms, each look in the Rosanna Fall and Winter 2019 Collection helps customers create or tell a story. This season, Rosanna is pleased to introduce four new collections focused on product storytelling.

Known for a love of voided minimalism, millennials will love the Elemental collection. Plates, serving pieces, and mugs in semi-matte fawn and sage, work as a universal base for layering in bolder patterns, shapes, and colors.


“We’re teaching millennials how to decorate their table beyond basic white and grey,” explains Rosanna Bowles, Founder and Creative Director of Rosanna. “This line also includes a box insert with tips on how to mix and match dinnerware to create a unique tablescape.”

In designing Elemental, Bowles had her sights set on the future.

“As millennials start families, the table is going to become an important center of tradition and ritual,” Bowles says. “Increasingly, important moments will take place at home. We want to be there for that.”

This season’s largest collection, Lithograhie, is premised on the ideas that everything old is new again. The design remixes ornate Victorian-style fonts and flourishes with a semi-matte glaze and gold accents. Certain pieces emphasize pride in all types of identity, both professional and personal. Mugs and small trays are em-blazoned with titles like “teacher,” “vet,” “hardworking,” “optimist,” and “divorced.”

Expression trays
L mugs

Woodland Botanical shines a spotlight on nature. Each signature gift box includes an insert on five ways to live closer to the natural world, with suggestions to try forest bathing and foraging.


Santaland, the season’s holiday-themed line, emphasizes product storytelling about the magical land where Santa lives. Each item comes with a box insert that tells the story of Santaland. The idea is that each time a parent brings Santaland pieces out for the holiday season, there’s a little ritual attached: reading the story of Santaland to their children. The whimsical 3D forms of this line were developed in Rosanna’s Seattle, WA studio by the company’s team of industrial designers.


“We’ve always been different in that we create our own forms,” says Bowles. “We don’t buy them off the shelf at our factories; we design everything from start to finish. All of our concepts are fresh and new, and we’re very proud of that.”