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Rosanna Launches Fall & Winter 2018 Collection


Seattle, WA - Rosanna is excited to return to tabletop with forms that redefine the genre and reflect how people entertain and dine today.

“Today people are hosting spontaneous get-togethers, dining communally, and eating seasonally,” says Rosanna Bowles, President and Art Director of Rosanna. “We find comfort in dining together at the table over a homemade meal.”

Nearly every piece from this season features the touch of a human hand. Many pieces center on hand-drawn or hand-painted illustrations, or a hand-designed font. Artist Sketchbook: Farm To Table and Artist Sketchbook: A Walk In The Woods, revel in the artistry of the human hand and linger on the wonders of the natural world. Phenomenal Women’s hand-designed illustrations remind women that they are the architects of their own futures.


Rosanna’s Fall & Winter 2018 line is comprised of the following seven collections:

  • Artist Sketchbook: Farm To Table: Meals should be feasts for the eyes too. Farm To Table encourages mindful eating, impromptu entertaining, and eclectic table settings. Hand-painted illustrations celebrate the aesthetics of a garden.
  • Artist Sketchbook: A Walk In The Woods: Revel in nature’s beauty with this evergreen collection. The hand-drawn artwork and forms are reminiscent of the 1960s and looks as though it is taken directly from an artist’s sketchbook.
  • Here’s to You: Celebrate you! These mugs are two gifts in one: a greeting card and a mug celebrating a milestone birthday.
  • Bubbly Bar: Pop some bubbly with friends and see where the night takes you! 1960s-inspired forms create a sophisticated and glamorous bar for cocktails and cocktail treats.
  • Phenomenal Women: From ruling kingdoms to hurtling through outer space, women have been achieving phenomenal things since the dawn of time. This collection is released in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in 2020.
  • Santa and Friends: Stay jolly with mugs, a pitcher, and a plate. Santa and Friends is a nod to the 1950s, but updated with a modern twist. The eggnog pitcher makes for a festive way to celebrate the holidays.
  • Purr & Wag: Furry friends bring so much joy to our lives. Show your love for the ones in your life who purr and wag with these mugs.

“Coming together is more important than ever right now,” says Rosanna Bowles, President and Art Director of Rosanna. “We want this collection to encourage conviviality and gathering together, whether at the table, an open bar, or a soirée.”


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