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Make Art… and Dishes

Seattle, WA - This spring, Rosanna is bringing a new addition to the tablescape: fine art. Rosanna Founder, President, and Art Director Rosanna Bowles, who has long been regarded as a trendsetter in the tableware industry, announced along with the debut of her most recent Winter 2018 collection that it was time to return to the table. This season, Bowles continues to lead on the vanguard of the trend.

“Artistic beauty and authenticity are my top two priorities for the table this spring,” says Rosanna Bowles, Founder, President, and Art Director of Rosanna.

Artist’s Loft: Cocktails on the Roof, the signature line of the Spring 2019 Collection, features original artwork by Bowles’ daughter, an art student at Rhode Island School of Design. The elegant paintings of nudes are rendered in sure, simple brushstrokes and depicted in a selection of new forms including an elongated, curved rectangular serving tray with modern lines. Artist’s Loft features a number of other new forms as well, such as a pineapple sectioned into two compartments for appetizers and treats. The piece is scattered with colorful, oversized, confetti-style squares meant to evoke a piece of art made with cutouts by Henri Matisse. The collection also has salad plates with large black-silhouetted leaves and striking shapes.

Rosanna artists loft

Botanicals are a touchstone for Rosanna, and they return in this season’s Arcadia collection. Embellished with original antique English prints of delicate wildflowers and flora, the pieces range from organically rounded serving trays to a slender small-mouthed ewer, a tea service, salad and dessert plates, and tower-like salt and pepper shakers. All are finished with a smooth semi-matte glaze that is new to Rosanna dishes.

Rosanna arcadia

“We’re very committed to making high-quality products that will not only last but will elevate the beauty of the objects people already have in their homes,” Bowles says.

Other lines in the Spring and Summer 2019 Collection are more playful — like Bloody Mary Bar, which includes all the accessories you’ll need to mix the perfect brunch cocktail, and Vacation Get Away, featuring mugs, glasses, and totes emblazoned with “Beach House,” “East Coast,” and “House in the Mountains.” The arts are celebrated in Arts and Letters with mugs paying homage to those identifying as musicians, dancers, writers, or just generally creative. Trellis offers a set of dishes a touch more formal with a pattern of pale pink and gold.

Rosanna trellis

Leading the charge to change the tide of trend is a big challenge, but Bowles thinks it’s worth it. “Just like the Matisse quote on one of our Arts and Letters mug, creativity takes courage,” she says.

Rosanna arts and letters

The Spring and Summer 2019 collection will be introduced at the following shows:

  • Atlanta: daniel*richards showroom, #1634, BLDG 2, January 8 through January 15
  • Dallas: daniel*richards showroom, #1400, January 16 through January 22
  • Los Angeles: Stephen Young showroom, #830, January 9 through January 21
  • Seattle: Bettencourt showroom, #102, January 30 through February 5
  • New York: NY NOW (NYC Javits Center) booth 3520, February 3 through February 6
  • Denver: Montage showroom, #1250, February 20 through February 25

About Rosanna

Rosanna is an award-winning international tableware and design house founded in 1982 by President and Art Director Rosanna Bowles. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Wash. Visit the Rosanna website at to learn more.