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Spring/Summer 2017 Line Announced


Seattle, Wash. – The award-winning tableware, gifts and home accessory design house, Rosanna announces the new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. Devoted to love of all kinds, the Spring Collection celebrates finding happiness in little moments of love every day.

“Now more than ever we need love,” founder and Art Director, Rosanna Bowles said. “It’s the thing that gets us through tough times, the thing that brings us together, and the thing that allows us to forgive. You can never have too many reminders and encouragements to love.”

In fresh, Spring-inspired tones, the All You Need Is Love and Charming Moments collections do just that. “Sis” and “Bro” mugs celebrate family, “It was always you” trays speak to romantic love, and pieces speak to pet parents for whom furry friends come first. ­


The Seven Sisters collection keeps the love for all things female, feminine and chic flowing. With brilliant flora on deep purple backgrounds and totes with gold-kissed rims, this line shows that smart and daring women bloom together.

The new Glam Office collection lauds female success and encourages women to rule the workplace and the world in sophistication and style. Pieces with “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” add a touch of confidence and attitude to the office.

The Paradise and Vacaciones collections transport to a tropical oasis or bright fiesta. Both collections play with rich, bright hues and unexpected shapes. Inspired by the tropical beaches of Hawai’i, Paradise satisfies wanderlust, complete with hula dancers and palm leaves. Vacaciones is an ode to the Latin American party scene.

This season, Rosanna devotes two lines to education, empowerment and awareness: The “Love is Love” and the “You Go Girl” collections aim to educate through inspirational and informational text on the packaging, or slipped inside.

“We thought about what we could do to give back to the community by doing what we do best— designing beautiful product while standing up for what we believe in: Love, equality and empowerment,” Rosanna Bowles said. “Years ago, we started designing our packaging as well as the product. Sharing the inspiration behind the product, often meaningful moments of figures from history, was a natural next step.”

The “Love is Love” line, part of the “All You Need is Love” collection, features rainbow hearts and a bold design adorning Rosanna signature trays and mugs. Rosanna will donate a portion of the proceeds from this line to the American Civil Liberties Union, which defends US citizens’ rights and works to raise awareness of American citizens’ constitutional rights.

The “You Go Girl” collection pays tribute to feminism and brilliant, female leaders throughout history. The collection features a mug with “Nasty Woman” across the front in gold and hot pink writing, while totes and trays with a classic black and white “Votes for Women” send a similar, timeless message. A portion of each “You Go Girl” sale will be donated to Planned Parenthood, which nationally provides services in sexual and reproductive health.

Visit us again in 2017 to see the full line, Ciao for now!