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Team Bride: Celebrate Your Bridesmaids!

So, someone put a ring on it!

First come the congratulations. Then…the wedding planning.

We’re going to focus on your bridal party in this blog post – specifically, how to celebrate and thank them.

Rosanna has a ton of fantastic gifts for these wonderful people in your life, as well as some thoughts on the perfect ways to sprinkle gifts throughout the wedding planning process, whether it’s when you pop the question, at the bachelorette party, or on the big day.

The Ask

A sweet way to ask someone to join your bridal party is with a little gift and a note. Our Bridesmaid box is perfect for this. You can even put another little gift inside, like a piece of jewelry for everyone in your bridal party to wear at the wedding.


You can also give a gift that affirms (and strengthens!) your relationship to each person. We’ve got a few great pieces that get this job done beautifully, including our Besties tray and Hello Gorgeous tray, You’re a Gem tray, Love Her box, Girlfriend dish, or You’re a Peach box.


If you’re looking for something a little less feminine, try our Soul Sister mug. And for your sister or soon-to-be sister in law, there’s our Sis mug!


The Bachelorette Party

This party is for you, but you can use this night or weekend to celebrate your bridal party too. Acknowledge your buds with a small monogrammed gift, like one of our Character Trays, Love Letters mugs, or a Mini Monograms box.


If you’re staying together for a weekend getaway, you might leave this small gift in each person’s bedroom with a note thanking them for being part of the experience. You might also give everyone their gifts at breakfast on your last day together. If your bachelorette party is just one night out on the town together, you could pass out gifts after dinner.

And for the party-inclined among us, we’ve got Love You More shot glasses. Secretly bring these to the bar and ask the bartender to pour a round in for the group. Then, make a toast to all these wonderful people who have gathered to celebrate this special moment in your life. Bottoms up!


The Big Day

Getting ready for the wedding itself often involves lots of moving parts to keep track of – makeup and accessories, hair brushes, curlers, blow dryers, a change of clothes and little snacks…the list goes on and on. You need something to carry all of these things!

The night of the rehearsal dinner, find a quiet corner to gather your bridal party and give them our Bridesmaid tote or our Ladies Choice gold dot tote. If you fancy something a little smaller, try our gold dot cosmetic bag. You can even slip in a little treat – flip flops inside the tote, or a lip gloss or highlight stick in the cosmetic bag.


Bringing your besties and family into your bridal party offers the opportunity to show love, honor your friendships, and express appreciation for the people who have made big impacts on your life. Have fun!