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Resolution: Give More Love

New Year's resolutions support the idea that you can always improve, look forward and become the best version of you.

Sticking to common resolutions is fine: Losing weight is good for you, managing money is smart and keeping the house clean is always a nice goal.

However, if the goal is to really improve yourself, be better, or better the world, start this year with a resolution to express and show more love.

After all, love is what drives the world, dare I say, love is all you need. Resolve to show more love this year, it’s easy.



The way to a man’s heart? Food. The way to most women’s hearts? Food with someone you love, romantically or not.

Breaking bread builds connections and strengthens relationships. Sit, relax, be yourselves, laugh and love.



Yes, your bae might be #relationshipgoals, but why not step away from your screen and show how you feel instead of typing it in 140 characters or less. Go somewhere together, give him or her a gift or even just tell them to their face. If all we need is love, maybe all they need is to hear you say it.



Don’t forget the whole point of new years, to better yourself. Don’t think of exercise or cleaning as a punishment, think of it as small ways to show yourself love and take care of yourself. Remember to take a break from work, make a nice meal, see your loved ones, go on an adventure or just stay home and be content. Love you for you, and all that you are.