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Galentine's Day? Only the greatest holiday ever.

The best part of New Years is that Galentines day is right around the corner, mark it In your calendar: February 13

This year, for Galentine's Day, we're paying tribute to our favorite female friendships through history. They inspire us to not only be the best we can, but to uplift the girls around us to accomplish great things as well.

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton


The original glass ceiling breakers, Stanton and Anthony were two of the women's rights movement's founders. The formidable pair were introduced by Amelia Bloomer (who we have to thank for women's pants) in 1851. Anthony would travel across the country and rally women while Stanton would write and edit her speeches.

Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald


When Ella Fitzgerald tried to book a gig at the Mocambo in Hollywood in 1955, the manager was unsure about booking her because of segregation and racism in the country at the time.

Monroe stelled in and promised to book a table for every one of her shows. The press would follow Monroe to the shows and eventually Fitzgerald became a success. History was made.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey


The comedic duo met in an improv class in 1993 and havemade history ever since. Being on SNL together, hosting the Golden Globes (twice!) and creating movies together; the two are a match made in entertainment heaven and we wouldn't have it any other way.

If your relationships are any bit as epic and powerful as these, it'll be hard to celebrate and do them justice. All we can say is, make sure the ladies in your life know how much they mean to you. We're all in this together, right?

A few gift ideas...

Just in case you're stuck trying to find a gift good enough for your girlfriends, we've got some suggestions.


Pair any of these with a bottle of wine, some fuzzy socks and a good book. Perfect.

The Anything Goes collection andLadies Choice both speak to chic femininity and girl power. Charm School trays and Conversation Starters are also a fun addition to anyone's gift bag.

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