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Ambitious Girls Unite

Sometimes you just need some advice from a girlfriend - but one that’s been there, done that.

This season, we’re introducing our Glam Office collection - inspired by boss women and girls who strive to be the best, bring home the big bucks and do it all in style.

Being a career girl is a very special title. Not everyone gets the opportunity, not everyone understands it and not everyone takes the time to master it.

It’s one of the most special titles simply because… wait… look up. Yes, look up right now. See that? Yeah, being a career girl means you’re contributing to destroying that glass ceiling above all of our heads.


On this team, we help each other out, and lift each other up. Here’s some advice from our group of career-driven women to you…


Know your worth

If you don’t know that your ideas, hard work and general bosslady-ness is a huge asset, then nobody else will. Ask for what you deserve and demand to be heard - and that goes for everything: getting your ideas heard, being respected and making the kind of money you deserve.


Follow passion, not money.

Sure, when you’re young it’s really appealing to follow the career path that will pay the most and has the coolest title. Beware though, sometimes that path can easily lead you away from your original goals and you can end up somewhere completely different not knowing how exactly you got there - very Alice in Wonderland-type stuff happens when you follow a dollar down a rabbit hole.


Take stock of those around you.

One vital piece of being successful is listening to and using the team around you. Surround yourself with people who have a lot of strengths where you have weakness. Lose your ego, ask for help, reach out. You can’t do it all and it’s a big mistake to think you can.


Find a mentor.

Search high and low if you have to. Yes, you are brilliant - your ideas are unlike anyone else’s, I’m sure. But every girl needs someone to look up to and ask for advice. Most importantly, once you’ve found that mentor, no matter how far down the career path you’ve gone - don’t let them go!


Have fun - but not too much.

Everyone always says “do what you love,” which is smart - if you have passion for your work and enjoy doing it every day then you’ll always put effort into your work. However, taking your favorite hobbies and turning them into your career might just ruin them for you. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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