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6 Tips For Throwing An Easy New Year's Eve Party

New Year’s Eve. It can be glamorous, bittersweet, or raucous. Each of these three elements, on their own don't hit the spot, but taken together, they mix a delicious cocktail. The trick, though, is the balance. Too much of one thing or too little of another and New Year’s Eve can be a bust.

One of the best ways to up your chances saying a fantastic goodbye to 2015 is to host your own gathering. Though New Year's Eve is tomorrow evening, pulling together a party isn’t as daunting as you may think. Here are six tips on how to ring in 2016 right.


New Year’s Eve is famous for its metallics, gold especially. A few golden decorations, even inexpensive ones, go a long way. Also, lucky you, Rosanna has some gorgeous golden pieces to create some gorgeous atmospheric glitz.

One the champagne (which, may we point out, is also gold) is popped, serve it in Luxe Moderne Flutes, or one of our two uber-elegant coupes—the Soiree Glass Fluted Coupe with gold dots or the Soiree Glass Large Coupe with the gold rims. Serve nibbles and treats on the striking Plateau A Gateaux Pedestal Tower, plated in gold.

Copyright Abby Jiu
Copyright Abby Jiu
Copyright Abby Jiu


No guest until the clock strikes 9! At least. That way, you don’t have to worry about dinner, and everyone will have plenty of party still left in them as the clock rounds that midnight corner.


Along with “snack” and “treat,” these three adjectives are your guidewords. People will show up having eaten dinner, but in case guests do arrive hungry, go for large calories in small packages: chees, nuts, chocolates…if you want to go traditional, and put in a little more effort, cut cucumber rounds, dollop with crème fraiche, and top with a bit of smoked salmon or lox, and some capers. Serve on a stunning Dore Hexagon Platter, Dore Nesting Hexagon Bowls, or 60’s-inspired La Cite appetizer plates.

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Encourage guests to help themselves to a stocked bar. To create a cohesive look, decant the harder stuff into a Chez Elle Decanter. But how will people know what’s what? you ask. Problem solved with the charming Chez Elle Decanter tags.

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Inviting guests to dress a certain way works wonders towards making a party feel cohesive and official. Interpret “fancy dress” loosely. It may mean cocktail attire, or simply something silver or gold, or it maybe you’re just encouraging some crazy costuming. Whatever you choose, we guarantee it will make your party pop.


Serve it! In simple gold and white Dore Mugs or the chic black, white, and gold Soiree Noire Mugs. Or, set out chocolate covered espresso beans in gilded Dore Nesting Scallop Bowls. Help people make that final push to midnight and beyond. Because this is the holiday of champagne, we have a bonus tip for you—a Champagne pronunciation cheat sheet. Start 2016 by pronouncing the names of French alcohol like a boss.

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Happy New Year!


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